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A. What is your primary purpose in visiting us?
  1. Curiosity
  2. General interest
  3. Details about a particular subject/issue
  4. Acquiring knowledge and information because of need to act shortly
  5. Acquiring knowledge and information because of need to act within 1 year
  6. Acquiring knowledge and information because of need to act within 5 years
B. Getting to us?
  1. It was easy
  2. It was about normal
  3. Somewhat problematic--I had to wade through a number of other sites first.
C. The "look and feel"
  1. Is the information presented easy to identify?
  2. Is it easy to read and take in?
  3. Visual and aesthetic appeal. Does it look good? Is it "pretty"?
D. Layout and ease of navigation
  1. Is it easy to know your location on the website, and to know where you are going?
  2. Is it easy to get there?
  3. Or, did you find it confusing or not clear?
E. Content (relative to the purpose of the website)
  1. Does it deliver concepts and details that are new to you?
  2. Is it effective in explaining these concepts and details?
  3. Did you feel that you understood what you read?
  4. Is the content quantity about right, too short, or too long?
  5. What do you think about the depth of detail?
F. Other subjects/areas that you think should be addressed?

G. What statement best describes your reason for not contacting us for information or personal help?
  1. My visit to your website was casual
  2. I have no particular interest or need
  3. My interest is largely informational
  4. I like to stay current and up on things
  5. My interest is "real" but my time-frame is distant
  6. My interest is real but I did not find the information/answers I was seeking
  7. My interest is real but I am not certain you have the expertise
  8. My interest is real but I prefer to take my business to a local advisor
  9. My interest is real and I will contact you in the reasonable future
  10. Dunno
Please enter your selections (ex A3,C2,E4, F = comment, etc.) and any additional comments in the box below.

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